Mar 31, 2011

Dried Fish a.k.a ' BULAD"

       It is raining badly and I couldn't resist the aroma. It lingers to my mouth. I can't help it. It is mouth watering sensation. Some of my neighbours cooked it.
          So I decided to rush to a neighbour sari-sari store. I bought some ripe tomatoes and some onions for a side dish.  Some dried fish.
They have different kinds of bulad on display. So choose two kinds only. One with small pieces of fish and other is sliced fish. Sometimes with call it the two headed fish.
          I put the pan on stove and some oil .Wait. Put the “dilis” ( dried small fishes) for awhile. It is brown. Wow! Ready to eat. But wait I have to fry also the two headed fish . It is such a relief for a rainy day.
           I placed it on the table with the side dish. Guess what! Only my little Kim was so excited to eat. With a clean hand she picked. She thought it was very hot French fries .Munches it with glee. On the other hand, my two girls face with a frown. Wondering what on earth is that. As I declare that would be our meal for the day.
          Mothers love cannot be denied. I cooked some fried egg for my girls. As Kim and I continue to devour the fried small fish and the two headed dried fish. We enjoyed it with bare clean hands.
          I remembered my friends working abroad just day dreaming for what I have. Some food we can never taste especially when we are far away home. We cannot have it all from expensive steak to burgers.  Oh! So big. All are yummy. Our taste buds still longs for what we have in our home. Locally made dried fish. Others are sweet but often are salty. Bulad forever.

Mar 29, 2011

Tress MARIAS: Baby gadgets

                      When I am about to have a family of my own. I started thinking of what would soothe the needs of my little angels. Can it be convertible crib? If you think of all those things you can never missed crib linens and crib blankets. Well as I continue to look in the stores. I realized that there are varieties of convertible crib. It may handy but very expensive. I found on that is very nice. With all the small compartments for the diapers and other babies need tacked into the convertible crib.
              I realized it is not good for me nor for my baby. My eldest daughter , Cj is  diagnosed to be colic. Which means she needs to be cuddled every now and then.  So  I preferred buying some crib linens   to wrap her around. And some crib blankets to carry her. She is always by my side. She wanted me to sing some songs. Mind you if you put her on bed. She will screamed out.
             For my second daughter Ela I have a convertible crib . My sister in law hand me down some of her old one. This time I find it very useful. Especially having Cj around. She fusses sometime. Asking some time out with me. It is useful too when I am cooking some meal. This time I bought some new crib linen and crib blankets .Ela prefers to be in bed. She seats still and before you knew it. She’s fast asleep.
                For my third daughter Kim , is a different story. Since she came in five years after. All the convertible crib, crib linens and crib blankets are given to  my relatives. Then I bought a rattan crib which is also lasting. I used it also as part of their play area. I find it very economic and toxic free. It can accommodate also three kids inside. A play pen and storage area in one.
           Well , right now the kids are big. It doesn’t matter if they have used the most expensive convertible crib, crib blankets and linen. As long as they are  love .Coming from their very comfortable parents. They will continue to enjoy the simple life their parents can give them.

Mar 25, 2011

" Pinakbet"

     I always wanted my kids to eat vegetables. So I decided to cook . I bought some ingredients in a nearby wet market. As I was preparing it. I refrain from singing or humming. According  my mom telling me not to do so for the bitter gourd will release more bitterness. So it would be impossible to eat it.  Until now I am doing it.
        "Pinakbet "is the local name.The ingredients are eggplant , okra , squash , string beans , bitter gourd and some salted fish " alamang". It is optional to put some fish or pork.
         It is a yummy dish every Filipino loves to eat. This is one way of encouraging my kids to eat vegetable. Maybe next time I will try some Oriental dish for the sake of eating veggies.


Mar 24, 2011

Lake Cebu : Summer time..

Lake Sebu Falls...
Floating restaurant..
Boating around the lake.

  Summer time is coming.Thinking  of a deep and relaxing afternoon. The weather here is colder. And fishes are fresh and sweet. Visit Lake Sebu..


Mar 23, 2011

TRES MARIAS: Summer Vacation

       Summer is fast approaching and my tres marias are busy planning for it . For a start Ela will join the Regional Girl scout to be held  here. She is soliciting for the said event. So excited to enjoy the company of  her girl scout team. They will visit key places. She will learn how to swim. Then for six days she will be taking care of herself.  After that will be a long guitar lessons.
         For Cj , she wanted to learn to play the piano. She was encouraged by her love and passion to music. She would like to sing and play a piano at the same time. She believe that she can explore the keys of the piano with just a wink of an eye. 
         For Kim, she wanted to enjoy her passion in dancing. She find it  easy to follow the steps and memorize it . She has the capacity to excel in this skills. She really gives her best foot for the performance.  And one thing for sure it will build more her confidence and over come stage freight.
          May the TRES MARIAS maximize their time and talent this summer.

Mar 22, 2011

Friends and Relatives with cancer

    I used to hear from other people about their friends and relatives who have a cancer. I could not believe that in the present day. I will experience  some of it. 

    I am saddened to hear from my friends that  she has cancer of  breast and others will be in other organ.Why? Why? Especially those who have  young children who will be left behind.
   Right now, I am experiencing the pain and stresses. My father was diagnosed to have a stage four in urinary bladder. Every now and then he will be in the hospital.  I loved him so much.
     Looking at him everyday. Losing diet and weight. It seems to be unbearable .I .cannot have a decent conversation . He seems to be disoriented . 
     He is always my rock. My all in all. How will I say  good bye? I am confident he will always be. Others will see him having a good fight of his life. Even in confinement in the hospital he will always welcome the nurse and the doctors with a big smile.  He will say I am ok and I will be fine. 

Mar 21, 2011


       I used to play farm ville and  farm town. It drives me crazy for a while. Anticipating that my plant may withered when I do not log in and play. The first thing I do when I arrived home. Checking all the plants and visiting the market place. How can I forget the Cafe  City ? My ow n restaurant and the dishes. How I wished to have it all?
       Now here comes the CITYVILLE. Where in you make your own city. All the fascinating houses and building you wanted to have. The business sectors and the buildings you wanted . All in just one city. You very own city. All the decorations you like to put. The tricky parts are the goals sometimes achievable and others are impossible. Especially when all your neighbors seems to be greedy about sharing what they have. The fun part is you can chat with your neighbor asking for some gifts to send.And that I would conclude that this kind of game makes one creative and be able to dream dreams even in simple city. this out for yourself.

Mar 20, 2011

Closing and Graduation Program

       Two days ago was Kim's Graduation day. Until now  she seems to mesmerized and enjoy all her memories for that day. We started the day with a good breakfast and beautifying her. For a surprise a garland of candies and a fresh corsage. We bought a new shoes and a white socks for it.  Her face is so fresh with all the excitement .Knowing that next school year she will be in grade one. She is so excited that she will tagged along with her sister.For her it will be the end of pre- school age and welcomes the primary level with too much anxiousness.Will she excel ? make friends and many more.
    On the first week of April marks Cj's graduation day. I may not know what the days brings. But as a mom I am so excited . My eldest daughter will close the door for elementary days and opens the window for high school. I  for one is so anxious. For I know this will be the time for her to really explore the world on independent and free spirit. She will encounter the puppy loves and heart broken. Though I know I cannot spare her with all those things. . Who will be on her side. I may nag. I may conclude. I may judge. One thing I am sure of I am her mom 
     To all the students who are about to embark another step .Go and explore the new world with confidence. To all the anxious mom like me..Just be there .No matter what the future brings.

Mar 15, 2011

Sunday Activity

              Wow it is Sunday again. Others will find this day as the most like day because they can wake up late. Diddle daddle for a while. No need to rush.
                 Not for me , I find this day as exciting as weekdays. I always see to it that I can join the church service. To have fellowship with Christian friends.And most especially sing some praise songs to God. I really love it. with all the songs that will allows me to reflect on how my God is good and great to me.
                For this Sunday , I will be leading our service as the church liturgist. Then followed by a sunday school for pre-schools. Then a very heart warming story telling for our outreach program. It is indeed  a good and fruitful sunday..

Ela : Upclose with David Pomeranz

     When Ela  joined the school choir. She was very reluctant to practice everyday even during Saturday. She so engrossed with play time. But when she was informed that she will meet one very famous international singer and composer. 
      Her interest was awaken. As she so excited to meet this guy. I know she did not know him. I told her that his songs are very famous such " King and Queens of hearts" and " I was born to love you." And lots of songs to mentioned. He is one of the supporters of operation smile in the Philippines. And he gave a concert timely for valentines day.
      The day comes to meet DAVID POMERANZ .She was mesmerized and couldn't speak. I saw her uneasy ways to deal with the man. I know she is afraid . But one thing I am sure of she is delighted and thankful for this once in a life experience. Singing next to a very famous international singer. Back up singers for " In our hands". I  for one is an avid fan of the man. Thanks for the songs that continue to linger to our ears.

Mar 14, 2011

TRES MARIAS: Appliances

      The first one will be a COMPUTER. She finds reading datas fascinating. Encoding some ideas. Reading facts. Updated with the new sound track and videos. Games  in fashion  and facebooking. And if she can't watch her favorite TV series . She will search for it .
      Second will be my MICROWAVE. Though she doesn't eat much . She just love to watch me cook some food . She is so eager to learn how food is being prepared. She will be very handy in the kitchen. She would cook food for herself. Starting with fried egg and some noodles.
     Third will be my DVD player. She watches movies three to four times until she will memorize every  famous lines. She dances every music she hears even inside the jeepney. She can't help it but nod her head. Or  shake her hips as well as stomping her foot
        Me as the TAPE RECORDER, who records mistakes and achievements . Keep repeating all the instructions and things to do's in and outside the house. I enjoy replaying all the jokes we all seems to laugh at .
        To complete my family will be my husband.  My all around TOOL BOX. From being the carpenter, plumber, electrician and will always our rock.

Mar 10, 2011

Ela's passtime

       We attended a thanksgiving dinner. My kids seems to be bored because it took most of our time talking with the host. Well Ela couldn't help it. She found  a clear jar with plenty of colored pebbles . and she asked politely from the  host to allow her to use it. She borrow my cell phone  and took some pictures. She could not help it but called me up to see it for real . I am happy for her . How she maximize and utilize her pass time. This is what her hands have made.Her Name Ela . For her little sister Kim and  big sister Cj.
            May I continue to notice and enhance her talents. Using other mediums.

37th Birthday

        Year 2007 , my 37th birthday. It was the most awaited day for me. Even though I am  far away from my family and kids. I am in Thailand as an OFW.  Teaching English for pre- school and primary .
       So I woke up for my big day.  You might be wondering what would be on my mind knowing that I am far away from my family. Well, its my birthday. It is my first time to be in strange country. The usual daily routine. School to house but this time with a side trip to a very exciting ride of my life.
       You need to pay 200-400 baht for that ride. Equivalent to 250 to 350 pesos . I fall in line with other foreign nationals with the same thought an exciting ride. While waiting for my turn. I am gazing my eyes to which elephant will I take the ride. Funny feeling creeps me when the elephant approached me.
        I climbed the stairs to reach the top of the elephant. I really feel  dizzy for a start as the elephant started to take its  giant steps. Joy overwhelmed me when the trainer  I mean the handler.Talking to me in his language.Trying to reply because I can understand a bit . He told me that the elephant is pregnant. I am so thrilled of what a thirty minute ride will complete my birthday.  A big smile on my face and a picture to complete it.
    I have tried the elephant , horse and carabao ride. Next mission would be a camel ride.

Mar 9, 2011

Man and the Snake

      When I  was very young I am really afraid of snakes. Just the thought of it makes me feel goose bumps. But I continue to try to overcome some of it by watching a movie like Anaconda and the Snakes in the Plane . Even watching the National Geographic to take the hung of it.
        I saw this man and the snake in the same spot everyday I pass the public market . But I could not  bare seeing the snake that near. I am really amazed how the earth the people continue to listen and waste there time.
       Just this morning I have the pleasure of listening to him from a far. So I thought for a while maybe this is the right time to check on my fear.
So slowly I  peep from where he is seated. At first  I am hesitant. But the people are drown to him because of how he handles the story telling and could you believe it. He makes a sound effect and some magic. A man with the microphone and a "trumpa". It was an experience I cannot forget and what a relief . No more goose bumps. No more fear. I just love the Man and the Snake.

Mar 8, 2011

TRES MARIAS: Ice cream flavor

          One scorching afternoon,  we are  just in our little Nipa house for a siesta. It was indeed very hot even though summer is not yet here. So I called up my tres marias  and asked them " well , I am planning to have an ice cream later this afternoon. what flavor will it be?
         Cj said " wow ! that would be  a relief . I wanted some chocolate truffles . You really can taste the chocolatey goodness.
           Ela said " yummy. My mouth is watering already thinking of my favorite Pistachio. With nuts and the cool color green of the ice cream . Tastes heavenly.
           Kim said "  I like the yellow color and the taste as well of the Mango. The combination of sweetness entwined with a little sourness.
            I scratched my head and wonder what will I buy with those three distinct colors and flavors.If you where to choose which one  do you like?
            Instead I made a Mango shake for all of us to enjoy. And the winner is ?

Mar 7, 2011

Sweepers tool in the Philippines

                 One day as I was just wondering and wasting my time in the park. I took notice to what a street sweeper will do. I could'nt take  my eyes on her  sweeping back in fort. One thing that makes me wonder how will she cope up with that day.  It was a windy day. And the leaves continue to fall. As she continue to sweep from end point to end. She still continue to struggles the strong winds. I thought for a while being a street sweeper will be an easy job. Just a glass of water to wipe all the dryness the wind brings.But I was wrong. She needs to cope up with the stresses the street gives and the nature itself.

                 Now I realized that the sweeper will continue to do her job as it requires to satisfy her employer. The people may not noticed their contributions to our community. But take note it will increase our tourist. The popularity of our city will gain credit.So we also gives credit to our street sweeper.
                   Let us do our part by throwing our little candy wrappers, cigarette butts and etc. Just look at the tools our street sweeper used. 

Mar 3, 2011

TRES Marias Favorite Colors

Tres marias favorite color for my three lovely seems to give me some fuzz.
           My eldest daughter  CJ  like the color Blue and other shade of it. She goes gaga to see a gown . Even with the combe used by her friends.That makes me wonder would it reflect her personality.And so I went to search for it.
  Blue symbolizes :.Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, technology, depression, appetite suppressant taken  from

           ELA loves PINK. Pink symbolizes love, romance, and excitement.
            She really is so sweet and full of love. She is willing to give away her savings for her younger sister to enjoy a horseback riding. She is so excited with everything especially out of towns. She acted sometime as a boy just to defend her sisters..
            KIM loves yellow. Yellow symbolizes Joy, happiness, betrayal, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard.

            She is my most "wanted "daughter. You may ask why?.Her imagination is very high. She enjoys changing clothes every now and then.She always wanted to be in in fashion. My little fashionista.

              Even though they have different colors. They seems to make a rainbow to my life.

Mar 1, 2011

Kim's 6th birthday

            March is here and my little Kim is so excited. For she knew that soon it will be her birthday. I remember yesterday when we are about to eat out breakfast . I requested her to say a  prayer before the meal. And this is her prayer 
       " Lord  Jesus  bless my birthday and bless this food we eat today . Amen".
         I was just giggling and hear  a voice. How  will I celebrate her birthday ?
       I remember I bought some balloons during my birthday. But I was not able to used it because my hubby gave me a dozen of balloons. Some of party packs I kept. Some ribbons. Some left over give aways. Asked her grandmother to chip in for the goodies. Ask her Tita Nisa to bake some cupcakes.
               WoW! all set for a simple birthday bash for her 6th birthday.As long as there are balloons, some food to share and games for my little Kim. I know it will make her day.
               Oops wait a minute how about her dress? I asked her  " I will still use my old pink  dress.It still look good on me. The important for me is I will have a party..!!!!Yeh hey!!!. and I just smiled and thanked God to have a daughter who taught me how simple life can be.